Master Gichin Funakoshi's 20 Precepts of Karate (Shoto Niju Kun)

1. Karate begins and ends with courtesy.

2. There is no first attack in karate.

3. Karate stands on the side of justice.

4. First understand yourself, then understand others.

5. Developing the mind is more important than developing technique.

6. The mind needs to be free.

7. Carelessness and inattention causes misfortune.

8. Do not think that karate is only in the dojo.

9. Karate is a lifelong training.

10. Apply the way of karate to all things, therein lies its exquisite beauty.

11. Karate is like hot water, it cools down if you do not keep heating it.

12. Do not think about winning, think about not losing.

13. Make adjustments according to your opponent.

14. The outcome of a battle depends on how one controls weakness and strength.

15. Think of the hands and feet as swords.

16. When you leave home, you have many opponents outside.

17. Kamae is for beginners, shizen-tai is for the advanced.

18. Do the kata correctly, the real fight is a different matter.

19. Do not forget control of the dynamics of power, the elasticity of the body, and the speed of the technique.

20. Always be good at the application of everything that you have learned.